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53 degrees north latitude, Mohe County, the most Northern place in China. The lowest temperature reaches minus 56 degrees. Veterans Jiang Nan was in this post and knows well the environment here. In snowy winter in the post the soldier have to patrol by hiking or horse-drawn sleigh, it is easily for them to get lost or even lost their lives. Jiang Nan felt very painful for this kind of accidents. In 1998, Jiang Nan left the Army of Mohe and started to work in the 41st Institute of Chinese Electronics Technology Group, this institute mainly research on general / basic categories of electronic measurement instruments. Remembering the early age in Mohe, Jiang Nan thought to use technology to protect the border soldiers. By eighteen months of research and tests, in 1999, his thoughts already took shapes, with a compass function, waterproof, wear resisting , anti-shock watch comes out. It is for the most northern border soldiers, Jiang Nan decided to name it North Edge.

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